Fun facts about printing

Have you or did you know that we do all our printing in sRGB?
The printer prints in sRGB, and it will convert the CMYK mode to the sRGB before printing.
sRGB encompasses only 35% of all visible colors.
While it produces more colors than any CMYK color space, The reason is that most of the sRGB colour space is printable across a range of devices.

Why do we use RGB or Adobe 1998 because of the greater range of colour’s as CMYK cannot produce brighter colours.
These hues are beyond the CMYK range and will come out daker and duller when printed.

Setting your files!

Save your files at 300ppi (pixels per inch) and the correct print size you are ordering example ( 12 x 18 inches at 300 ppi) Save your files as .jpeg (our software only accepts .jpeg files) and make sure your file name is no longer than 33 characters and if you need more than one copy of the file can you please kindly add qty and the number of prints to be printed at the front of the file name. Example (qty2shadowsphotoprinting.JPEG) and before saving please ensure that the colour space is saved in sRGB, RGB or Adobe1998.

Before printing we convert the files with our printing profile ensuring amazing quality.

Have you had your monitor calibrated?

As this is a good idea for photo editing no matter what your profession.
As a photographer this is especially important! A monitor colour calibration ensures that the edits you apply to a photo are accurate.
It also helps to ensure that your prints look as good as they did on your monitor and all other calibrated monitors.
We calibrate or monitor regularly and check the settings in our editing program to make sure that we are set at sRGB or RGB, Adobe 1998.

What colour background do you use in your photo editing software?

We use a grey background in our photo editing software as grey is useful because it is subtle and tends to focus attention on the subject. This is a good option for portraiture photography.


Aspect ratio is the relationship of width of an image to its height, of its horizontal to vertical dimensions. Some digital cameras let you select an aspect ratio that matches standard print sizes, such as 6”x4” (3:2 ratio) Some digital cameras default to different ratios, the most common other than 3:2ratio is 4:3 ratio.

For files not shot in a 3:2 ratio, care must be taken to get the desired aspect ratio with editing software as photos will need to be the same ratio as the print selected or WHITE EDGES WILL APPEAR ON YOUR FINISIED PRINTS. This also can happen if you have cropped your file in some way.

If you are selecting a border on your prints and you don’t have the correct ratio, those prints will have an odd sized border on some sides, if you say a 14”x11” you would need to place the 14:11 ratio on a 12”x18” canvas (ie:3:2) ratio canvas.


I am unhappy with my photo as I saved a 14”x11” and they all came back out with larger with white edges on the side!



You chose 12”x18” so they FIT on the media (paper) as follows: The 11” side will go to 12” and the 14” side will go to 15.273, so you will have in front of you 15.273”x12” prints.

If you want to make 14”x11” enlargements you will need to make them 14”x11” on a 12”x18” canvas (image> Canvas Size in Photoshop), then you simply print them as 12”x18 and you will have the 14”x11” inside the border you created in Photoshop.


What Pixels should I export out of my Scrapbooking Program?


If you export at 3600pixels, and you can use all our sizes for scrapbook prints 8”x8”, 10”x10” and 12”x12”.


We recommend a 4mm white border if your prints are to be framed or if your not sure about the ratio.

The 4mm border doesn’t bleed out but sometimes you might notice a slight skew on the white edge (less than 5mm), reason for this is that the media (paper) must go through a lot of guides, and it needs a bit of give, so that travels smoothly through the machine. Hence the reason for bleeding happens.


Please note our printer will crop 2-3% from the outer edge of the image through bleeding.

If you do not wish to lose any of the image, please specify borders on your prints and this will a 4mm white (or another colour if you wish) border. The main problem that is incurred is when you have text near the edges or need something close to the edge of the photo.


Do you have a discount rate for larger order?


Yes, at Shadows Photo Printing we offer discounts on bulk orders.

With our bulk orders you can add all different print sizes to the order as well as photo canvas or scrapbook prints to the order.

This is a great option for professional photographers or to update the family photo album.

As at Shadows Photo Printing we understand that how important your beautiful memories are.

We try to keep our prices affordable for everyone and we even have Afterpay available!

3rd Party Order’s

If you choose 3rd party orders, we will not send any invoices to the 3rd party.
We charge a $2.00 for this service to cover the extra costs of posting and handling.

Credits Not Given

No Credits Given for Customers Errors!

We print the size of the photo that you have requested on the order sheet when you place your order.

If you choose the wrong size this falls back on to you! As we do not change the size of your images.

Please make sure that you have your images in the correct RATIOS – ASPECT RATIO before you place your order.

However, if you need any help or advise on checking the size for printing your beautiful photos, please feel free to contact our team!

Damaged in the mailing system!

We will resend the order, if your prints are damaged in the mail system, however you will need to contact us with your order number and email us an attachment of the damage order to email

If your order is lost in the mail system!

Please contact us and we will contact the mailing company and follow up on your order, and if the order has been lost, we will reprint your order.

If need be, we will then give you a credit.

If we stuff up – we pay for it!